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Nice things clients have said about my work !!!

To whom it may concern:

We would like to express our deepest admiration and appreciation to Desai Photography. They captured some of our most treasure moments for eternity. Many times occurrences happen in our lives that we only wish we could remember later in life. With Anil with us, he helped forever seal those memories. He helped capture our engagement, wedding, pregnancy and even our family portraits.

These are life’s biggest events and we are forever grateful to Desai Photography for being there with us.

Forever grateful,

Greg & Peggy Rojas

I’ve always been comfortable with flashing a grin for a camera, but explicitly modeling for a photo shoot is a whole different ball game. When Anil first asked me, I declined and told him I would be extremely uncomfortable posing for pictures.

But I had seen his work, and knew he had a lot of talent. I liked the way he brought out details in his pictures that captured the essence of a mood, a place, the world around us.. Plus he’s a friend. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone and see what this photographer could do with me.

Being the fabulous artist that he is, Anil had already envisioned what I could carry off best. So he had me pick a nice bright colored dress to contrast with my pretty red car J He was extremely patient and supportive as I stumbled from one shot to the next, trying not to grin all the time.. experimenting with different looks, different moods. He’d lightheartedly suggest poses, expressions and helped make me feel extremely comfortable.

At the end of the shoot I laughed and told him that if even one picture came out well, it would all be to his credit. When I saw the pictures I was amazed. To this day people call me to ask me if I am a professional model! Not only is Anil a fantastic photographer, he is also very sensitive and perceptive. It was an amazing experience for me to shoot with him, and I am thankful for him to have made me look good!

- Anupa

We really don't think anyone else in this world would have made our shoot so special. We are so fortunate to have our maternity shoot done by Anil. Anil helped us in each and every step of our shoot and even helped us selecting our dress for the shoot.

On the day of the shoot he made us feel so comfortable we felt as if we were posing for an old friend. Honestly he was more excited than us. Anil is very passionate about his photography. We were a little scared on how the pictures would come out after the shoot. But later that day what we saw was unbelievable. He is really a magician. We got so many compliments from friends and family and we also asked him to also shoot our daughter.

We are so disappointed when we had to move back to India which meant that we cannot get more photos done from Anil. I wish we could get more shoots of our daughter done from Anil. Thank you Anil. You are really the best :) We are glad we found you... You have been doing an outstanding job. We wish you more and more success in your field.

– Prem and Sapna

Anil is an extremely talented and patient photographer with an eye for perfection. He knows what he is doing so during the photo shoot I didn't have to worry as I knew whatever he says is with his good knowledge of photography and wide experience.

He will understand your mood, keep it light and click pics of what u r best at. The end result was very delightful and got me the max likes on FB too :-)

- Surbhi

I have always liked photography as it freezes moments of our lives and gives us this huge treasure to look back. There is no doubt that Desai photography has given me and my friends such pictures that I would love to cherish. Special mention of Maya's pictures that means a lot to us as she grows.

Photographers make moments immortal and every time one sees a great picture of themselves /family/friends it gives so much of happiness. Photography is miraculous and Desai photography certainly does that.

Wishing you all the best in your journey.

Best Regards,     


The easiest thing to say is that Anil is a gifted photographer and great guy.What strikes me most about him, however, is how he sees the world and how he captures its images. And that's what sets him apart…

I have seen his work for more than a year. He has captured some of the most stunning clicks. I was fortunate enough to have an enjoyable shoot with my friend Anil, that ended with a stunning photo having maximum likes on my FB profile :)

Thank You Anil !!

- Shital

I am glad that I persuaded my extremely reluctant and ' photo shy' husband for a couple shoot with Anil. I had no previous introduction to Anil,but he made us instantly comfortable and came across as a warm person burgeoning with beautiful and creative ideas. He knew how to bring out the real us through his lens. His photographs are realistic,colorful,bewitching, intriguing and have soul of their own.

He has an eye for capturing the most intricate of details which surprise you every time you take a look at them!!

Thank you Anil for not just capturing our images but reflecting the love we share for each other through your pictures.

Keep bringing out the colors in people's lives !!!

Regards, Vidhya

One of the most wonderful and truly happy experience as a family was spent having our photos taken by Desai photography. Anil's professionalism & instinctive talent has given us the most wonderful family pictures we could ever wish for....his friendly & outgoing nature enabled us to immediately relax & more importantly have fun! ..

Thanks Anil Kumar Desai ...we strongly recommend to all...Good Luck

- Roopa Kiran

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