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A letter to Mr.Pawan Kumar(Director of LUCIA) on how he inspired a photographer to shoot a video with a DSLR !

Dear Pawan,                    

                   Kudos to you and your team for the success of LUCIA. Hearty congratulations to you, especially for being such a great mentor and inspiration for many people throughout the world. This is a success story from one of your fans on how you inspired a photographer to explore the potential of a DSLR in taking videos, which resulted in a Music video (with literally zero budget except for video editing tool for which my company volunteered to sponsor after seeing the end product).

Please spare few minutes and read the below blog which I am addressing to you.

Chapter 1: Introduction

My name is Anil Desai and I am professionally IT engineer but photography(portrait/fashion) is my hobby & passion. It is my way of bringing out best in people and giving them wonderful memories. I have been doing photography for about an year. (

Chapter 2: Inspiration

I have been closely following your Facebook and YouTube channels. The main inspiration came from the video which you shared in YouTube for the making of “Kanasina Hosaputa” song from Lifeu Ishtene movie. That’s when I came to know that, yeah, DSLR does give option to shoot HD quality videos. You have proved that you are not just a mainstream director, there is a leader in you which is inspiring not just your team but your followers as well.

Chapter 3: LUCIA fever

I have been part of LUCIA since from your day1 of your Google blog. Unfortunately my fund wasn’t used by you since you had already got the targeted amount but was fortunate to be online distributors. I have always been following each and every update from you and was just amazed to see the effort behind each scene. Now after watching Making of LUCIA on YouTube, I immediately went ahead and paid, so at least somehow I will be part of investors for your next project(yes, I am aware that there is no monetary returns, but I am sure I get happiness in returns for supporting some Kannada project which am sure will turn out to be awesome).

Chapter 4: Kickoff of Project Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

We, the cultural team of TCS, were planning for Diwali 2013 programs and I got an idea of making some video to show it on the screen on the day of Diwali. I had seen many versions of popular song “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”. Since we are far away from our country and I have seen diverse cultured people here at client location, got an idea of making a video of that song but featuring our own colleagues and their families.

Just like LUCIA, even I had got very poor response from colleagues but it was my friends who encouraged me to go forward. One thing I have learnt in this whole experience is that "opportunity will not knock your door, it’s you who has to create opportunity".

Chapter 5: Making !!!

Initially I had little tough time learning the camera settings for shooting video, which I had mostly used for still photography. But after shooting few clips, I was able to make the most use of it and explore more options with low light and sun light conditions. Without any budget, I had to make use of all the available resources to use in the video.

Well, all the shooting was complete and It was time for editing. That’s when I found out how tough the editing job is !!!. All the respects to all those wonderful editing people who doesn’t get noticed in the title cards. With little help of YouTube videos, finally I was able to do editing to dub the original song and lip sync the actor’s expressions. I remember, it was just a night before the screening of the video, whole night I had spent to complete the editing part(Thanks to my friends who woke up whole night to provide moral support). Though I had shot all the voice/lyrical parts, I forgot that there were few fillers that were yet to be shot, so I decided to shoot few filler clips in the neighborhood at night or early morning 5.30 AM, with screening planned at 10AM !!!

Chapter 6: Premier screening and Response

After 2 weeks of shooting, finally the day had arrived. Just like your premier at London, even I was converting the digital content to mp4 format till the last minute in car. Fortunately I played it on time and was just looking at all the happy faces as subset of audience were already part of the video. It was that awesome goosebumps moment when the video ended and I can hear whistles/claps with a standing ovation. I was asked to come on stage and I thanked everyone with moistened eyes !!!

After that I shared that video on YouTube and was flooded with beautiful responses and complements, from vice presidents, COO’s to far away relatives/friends over social network.

Thank you once again for reading this and thanks a bunch for all those wonderful videos on “Making of” your projects. Please do share this with your followers to show them how you have inspired people around the world.


Anil Desai

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara - Youtube version

Screening version with making of video & some bloopers

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